Soft Grey Altos Blanket


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This thick wool blanket is woven in Momostenango in the highlands of Guatemala. Wool is sheared, cleaned and carded using wire paddle brushes. The fibres are then spun into yarn. The coloured yarn is dyed naturally using plants, before being hung to dry. Finally it is woven into a soft blanket using a foot treadle loom.

At over 2000m altitude, the nights get very cold making these blankets essential. Momostenango has been known for its production of woollen goods from as early as 1770, making use of the natural hot springs in the surrounding areas in the process of felting. Traditionally it is the women who spin the yarn and the men who handle the heavier work of operating the loom.


100% Wool


200 x 150cm


Dry clean


Due to the handmade nature of this item, some variations between blankets may occur.

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Dimensions 200 × 150 cm


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