Nido Collective is an online shop selling ethical homewares and accessories, established in 2017 by Olivia Campus.

Our mission is to connect artisans with conscious consumers who would like, not only to purchase beautiful products for their home, but to hear the unique stories of the people who make them and explore the ancient crafts which they use.


Artisan Weavers in Peru - www.nidocollective.com

Volunteering with an NGO supporting weavers in the Peruvian Andes in 2014 offered an insight into the lives of the indigenous people living in these remote communities.

“I was captivated by the intricacy of their craft. Elaborate designs depicting important Quechua symbols and patterns are woven entirely from memory. I also experienced the challenges that confront these people: the extreme weather, the beautiful but unforgiving landscape, limited access to electricity.”


Backstrap-Weaving - www.nidocollective.com


The experience left a lasting impression and a desire to learn more about other indigenous cultures and crafts in Latin America.

A further trip to Mexico and Central America brought an opportunity to enrol on a backstrap weaving course experiencing first hand the time and the skill that is required to produce textiles the traditional way. It requires a patience and application completely unfamiliar to Western society.


Naturally Dyed Wool Teotitlan


Feeling compelled to share her enthusiasm with a wider audience, subsequent trips focused on discovering and documenting these remarkable crafts, visiting villages way off the beaten track. Nido is a collection of timeless pieces for your home. Made in small batches and made to last a lifetime. Traditional in essence, contemporary in style.

“I hope Nido Collective inspires you to visit the extraordinary places where your purchases are made. You will experience the charm and allure of the landscape and the unconditional warmth of the people, which keeps me returning.”

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