Nido Collective

Nido Collective works with artisans in remote communities in Mexico and Guatemala using their ancient craft techniques to produce a range of contemporary, ethical homewares and accessories.

By generating a world-wide market for their wares, we hope to encourage these communities to pass on their crafts to future generations. We believe Nido Collective can make a difference – creating a lasting, social impact by empowering artisans to work in a sustainable way, for a fair income.

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  • Anillo Basket Bag - #roundbasketbag #palmweaving #roundpalmbag #mexicanbag

    Anillo Basket Bag

  • Indigo Deshilado Shawl - #mexicantextiles #mexicanshawl #fridakhaloaccessories

    Indigo Deshilado Shawl

  • Destello Mexican Rug - #mexicanrug #zapotecrug #teotitlandelvalle

    Destello Rug

  • Tobacco Maguey Net Bag - #magueybag #maguey #netbag #mexicanbag

    Tobacco Maguey Shopper

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