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Our Teotitlán Rug is handwoven by artisans living in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca in Mexico. From the rearing of the sheep, to the preparation and grading of the fibre, to the spinning of the yarn and the gathering of essential ingredients to make the natural dyes, all before it reaches the pedal loom on which it is so skilfully woven – each one is the consummation of a meticulous process passed down from generation to generation.

We source each rug directly from the artisans who have made them. The collection features a mixture of traditional Zapotec designs and contemporary interpretations of them, exclusive to the families with which we work.

A purchase of one of these rugs represents an investment in the centuries-old story of knowledge and dedication that will enable it to continue.

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150 x 80cm


An underlay is recommended for a rug placed on the floor. Vacuum both sides periodically with care. Each piece is woven in such a way that both sides are identical – flip the rug occasionally for even light exposure and avoid placing in direct sunlight. Do not fold woollen rugs against the warp as it may leave a mark.

Liquid stains should be blotted up (not rubbed) as soon as possible. Should it ever require further attention you are advised to seek professional help. Do not attempt to launder it in a washing machine.

Pre-Order Process

Upon completion of payment, you will receive an order confirmation email. We will contact the artisan and confirm the 4–6 week lead time. When we receive notice that the rug is completed, we will inform you that your order has been shipped. Please note shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Pre-Order Agreement

In purchasing this rug you agree to our pre-order terms and conditions.


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